Anti Age 

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    The cream’s multi-purpose formula makes it a comprehensive skin care product you can use to fight the signs of ageing. Collagen improves the skin’s elasticity while matrikines stimulate fibroblasts’ activity. A unique ingredient - superoxide dismutase (SOD) provides the skin with complete antioxidant protection.
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    We have created a synergistic complex of active substances to effectively tone the whole body. Collagen, sweet almond oil and shea butter make your skin more supple. The algae extract activates fat tissue burning, while ginkgo biloba stimulates blood circulation inducing the lipolysis process.
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    The Elixir rejuvenating formula combines plant extracts with the latest discoveries in biotechnology. FGF-1 – fibroblast growth factor (Colway exclusivity) – is a unique complex of 155 amino acids that permeate across the cornified layer of the epidermis.
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    We have created the Anti-Ageing range by combining the latest achievements in biotechnology with the proven effects of collagen. Our skin care products’ advanced and innovative formulas aim to work effectively throughout all skin layers, stimulating its renewal, balancing the colour and protecting it against harmful effects of free radicals.
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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