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    Vitamin C is the most important of the vitamins taken in our food, because of its role in the formation of bio-collagen, i.e. the protein of youth and the main component of the connective tissue. Man is one of the few mammals on the planet, whose body does not produce vitamin C in the liver.
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    GanoCord is as exceptional composition of two extraordinary extracts, the first of which was obtained from ganoderma - the fungus considered to be a synonym of immortality, used in the medicine of Far East for thousands of years and classified in the first position in the ranking of Chinese medicinal plants. 
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    Total for Women is a dietary supplement for women who want to keep their body in good physical and mental well-being. For women who think about themselves today and care about their future.
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    Colvita is a derivative of the great invention of Polish biotechnology, which was the extraction to the form of a hydrate, while preserving the triple-spiral protein tion of natural living organisms  - a pure, natural collagen from fish skin. The inspiration to create Colvita. was drawn from Natural Collagen, the discovery of Polish biotechnology.
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    The Well Being Shake is a healthy, nutritious drink that contains many valuable ingredients. You can make it quickly and easily wherever you are – at work, at school, in the gym, or on the road.
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    Colamina is a multimineral dietary supplement, which capsules are filled with fossil elements of two unique geological sources.
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    Colway OMEGA Complex is a unique food supplement. It containshigh-quality coldwater fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and also ahigh-quality oil from sea algae, whose omega acids are equivalent to fish oils, which also includes as an ingredient DHA(docosahexaenoic acid).
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    Xshot Dietary supplement  Xshot contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts selected to reduce tiredness and fatigue, as well as to support normal energy metabolism (vitamin B12).
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    ColamiD — globally unique natural complex of amino acids, minerals and vitamins. It provides the body with highly bioavailable minerals, macro- and microelements. For instance, it contains well-absorbed calcium and phosphorus of the highest quality.
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    Collaceina is a unique and effective food supplement with comprehensive effect on the immune system. It includes two kinds of capsules. The first one contains nature-derived substances with high immunising properties, such as lactoferrin, lysozyme and colostrum.
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    SlimCol a dietary supplement, contains a combination of plant extracts, selected in such a way as to support the body during the weight loss process. It contains an extract from Mumiyo, called "the blood of the mountain".
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    AXANTA contains astaxanthin a special, natural carotenoid which is present in plants and animals considered to be healthy nourishment with no exceptions. It is astaxanthin which dyes meat of salmon and numerous shellfish consumed as seafood but also and algae among others: Haematococcus pluvialis from which it is extracted by renowed Swedish producer.
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    Is a dietary supplement containing cod liver oil - a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins D and A The product is also ernched with fat-soluble vitamins vital for the proper functioning of the body. D and K as well as Shitake mushroom extract standardised to polysaccharides and yeast extract. Sacchromyces cerevisiae standarised to beta-D-glucan.
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    Magnesium Complex is a composition of three highly absorbable forms of magnesium – magnesium lactate, magnesium citrate and magnesium diglycinate – enriched with vitamin B₆, which facilitates Mg absorption, its transport to body cells and maintenance of its intracellular storage.
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