Natural collagen 

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    Biologically active 100% natural fish collagen in a gel form. Recommended for entire body treatment. For healing and energizing massage, after hair removal, sun beds, peelings. Excellent in all at-home skin and joint treatments.
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    Collagen Natural Graphite gel was designed for hands, nails, hair and joints (becouse of high level of melanin that has also analgesic effects). Collagen Natural gel is the only one type of bioactive and transdermal collagen with 100% natural substances on the market.
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    The newest anti-aging cosmetics from the family of transdermal collagen gels is Colway Atelocollagen. Produced exclusively in Poland it is a true masterpiece of protein biotechnology.
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    Is a NATURAL PROTEIN PREPARATION WITH AREULVENATING AND REGENERATING EFFECT That has crowned many years of successful practical tests the use of the sensational discovery made in the 1990s by Polish biochemists
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