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    Luxury DNA Day Care slows the appearance of the visible signs of aging, rebuilds the skin and helps maintain the regenerative processes that preserve its beauty. This is the latest generation of skin cream, and uses a four-level anti-aging formula. 
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    The cream’s multi-purpose formula makes it a comprehensive skin care product you can use to fight the signs of ageing. Collagen improves the skin’s elasticity while matrikines stimulate fibroblasts’ activity. A unique ingredient - superoxide dismutase (SOD) provides the skin with complete antioxidant protection.
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    Beauty Care Day and Night Cream for both him and her. The perfect condition for the human body is the balance between oxidants and antioxidants. The reduction or increase of free radicals’ activity is referred to as oxidative stress. Free radicals first attack the cell membranes of the skin, including structural proteins such as collagen
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    Collagen and the combination of brown algae extract with jojoba oil will effectively moisturize your skin and make it firm. Biopolymers, keratolytic and osmotic substances all support the natural level of moisturization. The concentrated dose of ceramides has a strong reconstruction effect.
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    Nighttime sleep is the most effective time when your skin can absorb all of the ingredients of cosmetics. We have made a unique formulation to ensure its optimum regeneration. The need for deep moisturising will be satisfied by collagen, hyaluronic acid, red macroalgae and sea minerals.
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    This is a versatile product that looks after your facial skin and hair. Proven ingredients provide care and make you look good and comfortable in your skin. A unique combination of native African marula, perilla and argan olis ensures the cream’s optimum proportion of fatty acids (omega 3,6,9).
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    We have created a synergistic complex of active substances to effectively tone the whole body. Collagen, sweet almond oil and shea butter make your skin more supple. The algae extract activates fat tissue burning, while ginkgo biloba stimulates blood circulation inducing the lipolysis process.
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    The Elixir rejuvenating formula combines plant extracts with the latest discoveries in biotechnology. FGF-1 – fibroblast growth factor (Colway exclusivity) – is a unique complex of 155 amino acids that permeate across the cornified layer of the epidermis.
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    The Serum ensures wonderful care for the face, eye area and all dry areas on the body. The perfect condition for the human organism is the balance between oxidants and antioxidants. The reduction or increase of free radicals’ activity is referred to as oxidative stress.
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    Hair is weakened due to stress, UV radiation and excessive hair styling practices. Healthy hair is bouncy, elastic, supple and the care of such hair is not a problem. In order to strengthen your hair and protect it against the effect of harmful factors, we have used 100% natural oils ensuring maximum nourishment and moisturisation of your hair.
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    To look young and healthy, your skin needs everyday care and regeneration. Some processes are spontaneous but the skin’s self-regeneration potential decreases with age. Anti-Age capsules contain orthomolecules of plant fluids from organic farms.
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    Collagen peptides and the sea algae complex deeply moisturise demanding and dry skin. Avocado, sweet almond and olive oils regenerate and nourish the skin.
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    We have created the Anti-Ageing range by combining the latest achievements in biotechnology with the proven effects of collagen. Our skin care products’ advanced and innovative formulas aim to work effectively throughout all skin layers, stimulating its renewal, balancing the colour and protecting it against harmful effects of free radicals.
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    Baby skin hygiene requires special care and unique ingredients. Baby wash gel is a hypoallergenic product, with no parabens, without SLS soaps or artificial colourings. It is so delicate that it does not sting the eyes.
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    Regular removal of dead epidermis gives your skin a youthful and healthy appearance. By using a peel, you ensure better ability of the skin to absorb active substances to be found in skin care products. The enzymatic peel, enriched with collagen, softens and brightens the skin, while restoring its even colouring.
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    Daily effective facial skin cleansing is a basic requirement for the skin’s glowing and healthy appearance. Micellar water removes dirt and make-up using micelles.
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    Our cream coats the skin on the hands with a soft layer protecting it from external factors: UV radiation, pollution or washing products containing SLS. Skin on the hands is prone to dryness and ages quickly without proper care.
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    Most of us want moisturised and soft lips. Meanwhile, dry air in air-conditioned rooms, wind, strong sunlight and frost cause their drying, irritation and chapping. Collagen combined with elastin tightens, moisturises and regenerates the dried epidermis of the lips.
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