Is a state of optimal health, which includes more than just the absence of disease or infirmity; This state of well-being associated with a high quality of life in all its areas and the ability to lead a productive social and economic life.

Well-being wellness

Achieving a good mood is the desire that lies within each of us, and which is still going. Our instincts, our emotions tend to him constantly and at all costs, even at the expense of health, often by becoming dependent on drugs, people or things. Leading a healthy lifestyle wellness, we accept certain principles that make achieve it in a natural way, rather than using stimulants that lead to addiction and disease. We achieve it through a balanced to meet the needs in all areas of life. Well-being achieved in this way is very important for our body's immunity to many diseases and stress.

People wellness

The man wellness is a person who carries out a high-quality life, enjoying a good mood and having the ability to operate efficiently at work and in social life. Such a man enjoys optimum health, is fulfilled spiritually satisfied with his work, active rest, physically fit, involved in social life has a positive emotional attitude and an open mind. Such a person is happy and fulfilled spiritually. Achieving all these skills involves the introduction to his behavior characteristics of a healthy lifestyle based on the philosophy of wellness.

Quality of life

Quality of life can be determined on the basis of a set of certain arbitrarily adopted and equal for all criteria. These include: a wealth of experience, the level of awareness and activity level, creativity, participation in social life. The greater the performance, the better the quality of life. A good quality of life means that a person can function independently and enjoy an active life without any restrictions.


Wellness philosophy of life is to live in harmony throughout the body - the body mind and spirit, the integration and balance all areas of our lives. The philosophy of wellness defines our lives in accordance with the criteria contained in the definition of wellness.


Wellness is a higher quality of life, healthy life giving optimum well-being and the ability for active relaxation, productive work and participate in social life and social activities. It brings a lot of joy, a lot of energy, a sense of youth, slim figure and beautiful skin, satisfaction with themselves and their achievements in professional and private life, resistance to stress and many diseases. In such a sense of health, energy and youth, we have a real chance of a healthy longevity up to 120 years.


The main purpose of the wellness philosophy is to achieve well-being and healthy life extension. For the most important wellness is a healthy lifestyle. The philosophy of wellness gives us the opportunity to introduce healthy habits in lifestyle that have a positive impact on the quality of life.


Lifestyle is a way of being in compliance with certain prescribed rules. Adopting the principles of wellness as a way of their own conduct is called wellness lifestyle.

According to the philosophy of wellness it is the most important healthy lifestyle that gives you the opportunity to introduce healthy habits, having a positive impact on the quality of your life.

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