Collagen ultra moisturizing body balm

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Is the other member of COLWAY skin care cosmetics, the innovative and rich formula improving dry skin condition after just a few uses. In addition to Natural Collagen, which is an indispensable and fundamental skin building blocks, the lotion contains many beneficial ingredients:

Shea butter: a valuable component of the skin providing perfect smoothness and elasticity.

NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor): a natural factor protecting the skin against dehydration, which regulates the proper moisturising.

Squalane: the product protecting the lipid structures of the skin from oxidation and free radica ls.

Sweet Almond Oil: the nourishing ingredient for the skin soothes irritation associated with the drying.

Hyaluronic acid: designed to keep the unique moisture inside the structures of our skin.

In order to develop the Balm we involved not only the exclusive components, but also our passion and concern for the level of the comfort of your skin. The known and proven care components of the Cosmetic Product were supplemented with the most innovative discoveries in modern biotechnology, which are expected to effectively moisturise the skin. That is why we called it ULTRA-MOISTURIZING.

COLLAGEN ULTRA MOISTURIZING BODY BALM: which benefits from the latest bioengineering innovations, takes care of your skin, and you will feel the long-lasting moisture. It gives the comfort of dry, even very dry skin. Due to the natural plant extracts it restores the primordial lipid barrier of the skin, intensely nourishes and softens your skin with specially selected ingredients. The rich and at the same time light lotion formula deeply and lastingly moisturises the entire body after just a few uses. 

The components of ULTRA-MOISTURIZING BODY BALM were carefully selected                        
- we looked for them at the best suppliers in the world                                                                                        
- to soften irritation, eliminate discomfort caused by drawn and desquamating skin and protect against negative external influences. The skin becomes smoother softer, more elastic and younger, just wrapped with our concern for your body.

COLWAY Company provides you with the remarkable product that will be used for the care of the whole body and after regular use you will notice:                                                                      

- Long-lasting moisturising and regeneration                                                                                
- Intensive skin nourishment                                                                                                                
- Visible elasticity improvement                                                                                                                                                        
- Reduction in hypersensitivity of the sensitive skin to external factors                                          
- Reduction in desquamating of the skin and symptoms of dryness.

Application: Apply the product on the entire body, taking into account particularly dry parts. Massage w circular movements upwards until it is completely absorbed. Application two times a day (eg, morning and evening) even every day is recommended.

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Collagen ultra moisturizing body balm

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