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Effects: rejuvenation, hydration, brightening
Capacity: 50ml
Captivating product with which you can see how perfectly the helix of natural collagen is built and take care for the appearance of your skin with the same perfection.
An exceptional blend of three types of collagen closed in one unique product increasing the density and elasticity of the skin as well as effectively preventing the running time.
Refined with silk proteins and colloidal gold in order to give skin incredible smoothness and to ensure perfect hydration. Complemented with an elegant and natural rose scent.
Atelokolagen is an exclusive care for demanding, recommended for the face, neck and neckline.

Atelocream MC2

The Biomimetic Liquid Crystal Cream

Smart liquid crystal base enriched with biomimetic active substances and all three types of native collagen: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen.

The first cream in the world to combine three breakthroughs in one product: biomimetics, liquid crystal system and atelocollagen. 
Exceptionally light and sleek, oleosom base structure of the cream is perfectly compatible with the skin physiology, and biomimetic active ingredients, thanks to liquid crystal combination of emulsifier/emollient of base components, work much more effectively than in regular creams. Therefore, biomimetic active ingredients and three types of collagen along with the portions of energy are released gradually in a controlled way and in extensive time, which minimizes the effect of uncontrolled stimulation of fibroblasts and counteracts the accelerated death of cells caused by the Hayflick limit.

Liquid make-up remover quickly and gently cleans even waterproof makeup. Contained active substances provide strong nutrition and hydration of a thin skin layer under the eyes and the entire face. It contains a complex of NMF natural moisturising factors such as urea, sodium salt of pyroglutamic acid - PCA, glycine and fructose, vitamins from B group responsible for the regulation of the lipid layer and sealing the capillaries (disappearing of so-called "spider veins"), perfectly absorbable atelocollagen and soothing allantoin. It leaves soft, protective and moisturizing layer and pleasant feeling of relaxation on the skin.

The formula of the liquid has been enriched with soothing and calming agastache extract. The product is based on "green" emulsifier.

It does not cointain SLS.

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