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That has crowned many years of successful practical tests the use of the sensational discovery made in the 1990s by Polish biochemists

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Collagen-the most important protein in the body (and responsible for the appearance and condition of the skin) has been until now primarily acquired by those in the cosmetics and implantology sectors

- mainly from bovine hides.


Never before has biologically active collagen been obtained in a way that allows it to retain the triple helix structure as if it were still part of living organisms.

The product COLWAY provides you with is a globally unique form of collagen hydrate obtained from the skin of precious freshwater fish.

The method of its acquisition is completely original.

Developed in the laboratory, it has nothing in common with hydrolysed animal proteins found in cosmetology.


Natural Collagen is the only product in the group of collagen gels that retains its properties and spiral structure up to the 28C limit.

Lt is also the only pure collagen;

stabilization parabens were completely abandoned.

In contrast to other cosmetics globally, it does not fight the effects of ageing, but the cause the degeneration of collagen fibres.

The sensational effect of Natural Collagen in- volves the stimulation of the cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts) to naturally produce collagen.

lt is already a recognized biochemical and cosmetic sensation worldwide.

Of the thousands of multi-component, chemical and allergenic saturated cosmetic products, Natural Collagen is differentiated by a very simple compo- sition: water, protein, and a small amount of lactic add and a paraben-free stabilizer.

Natural Collagen in all pigmentation grades of the product has the same amino acid structure and keeps intact the title helix and eihibits a similar effect.

The manufacturer recommends the following applications:

- on the face and neckline - platinum

- all over the body - silver

- the hair, joints and nails - graphite.


It is however not a big mistake interchangeably applied.

Scaling of the product on the face means too much was applied. This does not apply to the hair and nails, where leaving excess collagen is recommended.

This product is a natural cosmetic biologically active and with a very broad range of properties that bring relief to many different ailments.

Detailing all benefits relating to specific ailments is not possible within this infarmation, as this could be seen as an attempt to assign drug-like qualities to the product.

Natural Collagen is readily absorbed in just a few minutes with the triple helix evolves into absorbable peptides and amino acids which are recognised by the body and allow the product to display transermal properties.

This is the distinguishing feature of this product from other cosmetic substances con. taining collagen proteins.

Dermal penetration with collagen peptides is actually impossible without the correct breaking down of the molecules into acceptable peptides and ami- no acids, this means all other forms ofcollagen are not able to pass into the deeper layers of the skin and therefore not benefit fitrublasts as COLWAY collagen does.

Firming effects improvement in the cohesion and hydration of the skin are visible after a few days of using Natural Collagen.

Effects in the form of smoothing out wrinkles and reducing the visibility of scars and stretch marks can be expected after 3-4 months of regular use.

In very rare cases of allergy to fish protein or hypersensitivity to lactic acid

- discontinue use and contacta dermatologist

Method of application:

The products is intended for all skin types and for the care of yor entire body.

Apply a small amount the gel on clean, damp skin, massaging gently.

Once absorbed to prevent the feeling of skin contradion apply a lotion or cream suitable for your skin type.

We recommend products from the Colway Cosmetic Line which workin in unison with Natural Collagen.



Natural Collagen should be stored in its original packaging, in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and radiators.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Due to the biological activity of Natural Collagen is necessary to store it at a temperature between t 5-28 C.

Ingredients according to INCI:

aqua, collagen, caprylyl glycol, elastin, lactic acid.


Dermatologically tested and recommended

The product should not be used by people with acute inflammation of the skin that require pharmacological treatment and by persons hypersensi- tive to any component of the product. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.



Collagen hydrate may show differences in colour and density in different areas.

This is due to properties of the raw materials, which is typical of natural products.

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Natural collagen


That has crowned many years of successful practical tests the use of the sensational discovery made in the 1990s by Polish biochemists

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